The innovative concept of integrating farmers into the value chain encouraged more than 15 organic farmers to join the project in 2020 after the first 6 pioneers who exposed the first plants on their land under the advice of Agrolavender in November 2019. By 2021, the partners will work together with Agrolavender to cultivate all in all around 100 hectares, which are organic fields spread  across  the north of the Weinviertel to Burgenland.


In the following years, the farms receive a percentage share of the turnover from the sale of lavender oil and lavender hydrolate.


If an agricultural company or a farmer would lease or cultivate the agricultural land, the farmers would only have the very small income from the lease and the company would book all profits for itself. The situation is similar with our own management. Unless special crops are grown, the incomes for organic farmers are not particularly high. With the agrolavender concept, it is fair togetherness that will also generate a long-term monetary advantage for everyone involved.


Agrolavendel has designed and implemented a mobile lavender distillation plant in order to keep the logistical routes from harvest to distillation as short as possible. In the future, this destillation plant will be transported from harvest point to harvest point and not the the large quantities of cut plants to one place for destillation.

Schematic representation of the locations of lavender cultivation by Agro Lavendel GmbH and its partners.